When We Ask “Why?”

Kids are always asking the “why” question. “Why should I eat my vegetables” or “why can’t I watch T.V”? As we get older, we tend to adopt the more popular mantra of “just do this” or “it’s for your own good”. Kids are not wrong to be asking “why” for it is a fundamental question we must all consider – “Why should I do this” Please take a moment to consider the importance of this question.

All humans follow the same three phases: birth, life, and death. Regardless of your accomplishments, personality, or status, everything you do during your life will have no value to you when you die. “Well, what about my legacy?” In death, any value derived from your existence is given to the living – or worse, fades into obscurity. The value of your legacy cannot affect you in any way. In other words, nothing you do in life has lasting value to you. This absurd aspect of the human condition forces us to find some means of reconciliation with the void that is our existence. To make things worse, life is full of suffering, conflicts with our idealism, and challenges to our morality. So to rephrase the initial question: “why do we do anything at all?” I’m sure most of us have already answered this question. But some of us are completely lost. Needless to say, the answer is a personal one, and is a way for us to maintain our individuality. So next time when someone tells us to “just do this” pause for a moment and think about it.



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