Spontaneity and Traveling

With electronics allowing planning to be so simple and efficient, it may be an appealing experience to revert to spontaneity. There is nothing wrong with being organized, meticulous, and structured with your day. However, having absolutely no plans, experiencing events in the moment, and having no structure, may increase the enjoyment of your day. Now there are certain things one should not leave to spontaneity (such an important workday, interviews, wedding, or anything of life-threatening caliber). For most events such as a road trip, traveling to foreign location, or a trip to the museum, you would likely experience extra enjoyment by allowing things to be spontaneous. Why?

First of all, when you have no plans, you have no reason to expect any outcome. If you literally get “rained on”, that was simply part of the experience. If you cannot visit a certain landmark you wanted, simply move on to something else without any regret and anxiety.

Secondly, when we plan a schedule, we typically become rushed to get to the next event. While it may be efficient to try and fit twenty events into one trip, you could indulge into a few eye-catching events and enjoy with great satisfaction. Trying to do too much without any focus leads to a lack of appreciation and satisfaction. You can attempt to breeze through everything and essentially be Internet searching in high-definition; doing so would lead you to appreciate nothing, departing completely dissatisfied, and deriving nothing worthwhile from the experience. Alternatively, you can get lost in the moment, observe only things catches your eyes, and appreciate the experience without any hurry or stress. Perhaps you can pause and have a conversation with someone along the way. If you made the effort to participate in a certain event, you cannot simply just breeze through it as if it didn’t matter.

Thirdly, planning can get stressful – especially if you are traveling with other people. Disagreements occur, expectations unmet, and may even lead to argumentation. If you can all agree to be spontaneous, enjoying the experience without a plan, you can experience a completely stress-free and refreshing engagement.

If you think this may be difficult to do, try it during your next vacation and you may find that being free from a tightly packed schedule is the most liberating feeling of all.


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