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Someone I Once Knew

There is always this person that our subconscious deviously brings up from time to time. It may be a previous significant other, a family member, or an old friend whom we have lost touch with. Each time this person is brought up, we feel a sense of longing. Why aren’t we still in touch? Why didn’t we spend more time together? Or why isn’t this person in my life anymore? Ultimately, we want to answer the question: what was it I did or did not do? Consequently, since the person is of the past, we do not have any means of answering this question. During our moments of weakness, we would ponder the causes which have separated us from each other; we constantly ask the question “why did this happen?” But again, since there is no real way to truly answer this question, our efforts end in frustration. If only there was some way we can make peace with ourselves.

One way we can solve this yearning is to consider the following. Imagine if you have a pet. You brought your pet into your life hoping to either improve its life or your own. You would go out of your way to give it the best life possible, knowing that the pet’s happiness will bring you much joy. However, all good things must come to an end; you are most likely to outlive your beloved pet. You must, by the forces of nature, leave them behind and move on. If you have experienced this before, then moving on from someone you once knew is very simple. You simply accept everything that has past as what it is: merely the past. The past is the past and we must live for the future.


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